The Lymphoma Association

In the last two years, we have watched two of our team members undergo six months of chemotherapy each for Hodgkins Lymphoma-a type of cancer affecting the lymphatic system.

Turning up for work only days after finishing their treatment, Chris & Eve are inspirational and we stood by and watched-amazed-at their positive attitudes and abilities to inspire others.

We were delighted to watch Eve celebrate her first year all clear in 2014 and Chris celebrate the all clear in 2015!

Having completed the journey not once but twice, X1 are passionate in raising as much awareness and money as possible to contribute towards the valiant efforts in finding a cure for this cancer.

As the UK’s only charity focused entirely on providing specialist information and support, The Lymphoma Association help people feel less vulnerable, more confident and more in control, in turn helping them to deal with their treatment.

We are proud to have chosen The Lymphoma Association as our Charity of the year and take part in numerous fund raisers throughout the year with all proceed going towards the cure.

Relive our heroic charity efforts on the River Dee!

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