X1's Exclusive Loyalty Card

Here at X1 Lettings, we wanted to give our tenants an experience when living with us. With that in mind, what’s better than creating an exclusive Loyalty Card program which gives X1 tenants perks throughout their chosen city- Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds!

So what is X1’s Loyalty Card? 

‘X1 in the City’ is an exclusive Loyalty Card for X1 tenants allowing them to enjoy exclusive discounts on local independent businesses around the city.

Upon moving in, each tenant will receive an ‘X1 in the City’ card already in their new apartment awaiting their arrival. Tenants will then be able enjoy discounts and VIP treatment across bars, restaurants and other facililites strictly independent for X1!

Our team have carefully hand picked a variety of independent companies to partner with, ensuring we offer a leading reward scheme for our tenants.

By creating our Loyalty Card program it also gives us the opportunity to team up with local, independent companies throughout each city, helping boost their presence across the city whilst giving our tenants an unforgettable experience.

Sounds good, where can I use it?

With tenants across Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, we have created a ‘X1 in the City’ Loyalty Card unique to each city. Each Loyalty Card is specific to the local city with a variety of local and independent companies, we have ensured we are giving our tenants the very best discounts in each city!

So depending on which city you live in, check out what ‘X1 in the City’ is offering you below!

Find out what X1 in the City offers you

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