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X1 Student Life

Who doesn’t love an X1 Party?!

Here at X1, we’re not just about giving our students somewhere to sleep whilst they study. For us, it’s about creating thriving student communities that come in from all walks of life, creating the best opportunities and memories for our X1 Students.

Like our tenants, we love having fun! From move-in weekends to celebrating Halloween, it’s our job to help students enjoy everything about living with X1 Lettings.

 X1 Move Ins

 At X1 Lettings our main priority is our students, we want our tenants to feel at home instantly. Therefore we put on a ‘move in party’ where our friendly staff will help carry their personal belongings to their new room. However, if you don’t know X1 by now, there’s no event without food and beverages! We provide nibbles and drinks (alcohol of course) to encourage socializing with new flat mates and settling any nervous butterflies in your tummy! We are also on hand to reassure nervous parents that their children are in the safest hands with an experienced and trustworthy company.



X1 Welcome Packs

 We understand that it can take a while to settle into new surroundings. At X1, we want our students to feel part of our community and therefore add little touches to help our tenants feel more at home and looked after. When you move into your new X1 room, you will be greeted with a welcome pack personalised for you, with a range of amenities and little touches to make you feel part of the X1 Community (especially with our X1 Hoodies)!

X1 Events

You will soon get to know that if there’s a reason to throw a party (no matter how small), we will! We run regular social events and activities for our students, allowing them to spend time together, build relationships and create some excellent memories with X1! Events are a great way for X1 tenants and staff to have fun together. Oh and not to mention, probably the most important part of a party, yet again, we do provide FREE alcohol to all (there is definitely a theme going on here between alcohol and our X1 students)!

What’s not to love about X1?! For more information on our next event, contact your account manager directly 🙂