Our Brand New X1 Breakfast Club!

Wed, 8 Nov 2017 X1 Back to blog

It's Coffee O'Clock!

What’s the most important meal of the day? Breakfast! And when our tenants are busy rushing to their morning lectures, they are skipping it.


So no more rumbling stomachs in your mid-morning lectures! X1 are now on hand to make sure our tenants start their day the right way!


We are providing a brand new service, X1 Breakfast Club. Between 10am-11am every weekday, our X1 Social King Liam, will be greeting you a good morning whilst handing out some breakfast delights for you. Of course, our X1 Breakfast Club is complimentary for all of our fantastic X1 tenants!


To make sure all of tenants get a taste of X1 Breakfast Club, we have scheduled a 2-week cycle to rotate between all X1 sites. So roll out of bed, make your way downstairs, grab some breakfast and off you go.


So, grab a hot drink and a croissant and make your morning commute to University a lot more enjoyable with our X1 Breakfast Club!


To find out when it’s coming to you, please check of schedule below.


Week 1

Tuesday- X1 Borden Court

Wednesday– X1 The Studios

Thursday- X1 The Edge


Week 2

 Tuesday- X1 The Terrace

Wednesday- X1 Liverpool One

Thursday- X1 The Courtyard

Friday- X1 Arndale House