Bucket List Ideas for Summer 2018!

Wed, 11 Jul 2018 X1 Back to blog

How’s your summer going?

It’s time to add some edge to your summer and do something different! Take a look at the ideas below to see which experiences are for you this summer! 

Go Camping Under The Stars

Grab your walking shoe’s, a cozy tent, all your camping gear and a few friends and set out for a trip in the great outdoors under the stars to set your mind free and relax a little on a warm summers night.

Visit a Random Town or City

Go grab a map of the UK, close your eyes and place your finger randomly on the map. Wherever your finger lands is where you and your friends are visiting next. Make a day or even a weekend of it. Fingers crossed you end up on a sunny day out at the seaside.

Go Back Home

For a few days, go back to your childhood town and reconnect with some old friends, go visit some old places you used to spend your days and re-live them memories for a while!

Virgin Experience Days

If you’d like to see a vast range of unique experiences, you might want to consider a Virgin Experience Day. Whether you’re after an action-packed experience like bungee jumping or a nice, relaxing spa day, this option will have you covered.

Alton Towers

Escape to Alton Towers theme park and resort that is perfect for thrill seekers and even families. This adventure park is packed with roller coasters and vertical drops, plus rides and attractions for younger kids. Located in Staffordshire, England you will no doubt have a fun packed day on an amazing summer day.


We hope you have the best summer!