Contents Insurance for Tenants

Wed, 17 May 2017 X1 Back to blog

The importance of Contents Insurance

One of the benefits of renting with X1 Lettings for students is that all bills are included, save for contents insurance.

When you move in to our residential accommodation, you may even get your contents insurance provided as a bonus on a bank account for example.

Whether you pay for it as part of a bank or don’t pay for it all, we would like to give our tenants a gentle reminder of the importance of getting contents insurance. We know it seems like ‘just another extra thing’ to have to pay for and you may be saving those pennies for a holiday abroad or those shoes you’ve had your eyes on for a while, but contents insurance is a MUST when living in rented property.

Whilst renting, you as the tenant are responsible for any damage to the property whether it be wilful or negligent. We encourage all of our tenants to take out independant contents insurance and this can be done from as little as £10 per month!

Whilst we do not provide it here at X1 Lettings, we are happy to be able to recommend Let Alliance as an approved provider. You can click here for further information on their products and services!


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