Manon’s Top Tips for Exam Success!

Tue, 15 May 2018 X1 Back to blog

Whether you’re a fresher or a third year student taking your final exams, give yourself the best chance of exam success with X1’s Top Tips!

After just recently completing her Masters Degree, our very own Manon has put together her best top tips to help you reach that 1st Class Degree you’ve always dreamed of!

Organisation is Key!

A simple revision timetable can be key to exam success. Clear your mind by making a schedule allocating dates & times to each specific exam or module. This will instantly make you feel less stressed!

Reward Yourself!

It’s important to remember you must take regular breaks to clear your mind and feel refreshed for your next session! So take a break, get some fresh air or even go to the gym and get them endorphins following! It’s all about balance.

The Right Environment

Everyone studies differently. However a quite place is exactly what you need during your revision. If you don’t feel comfortable in complete silence try out some background music to help you concentrate- Spotify Chill Playlist is highly recommended.

Colour Code

Who doesn’t love a highlighter!? Colour coding has proven to be an effective way of revising by associating different points/topics with each colour. So if you have hit a wall absorbing information, get the highlighters out and give colour coding a go!


Nobody likes journals! But everyone has to do it so why not try and find a relevant journal or article that you actually have a slight interest in then it will be less painful for you!


Finding anything else to do other than revision? Your not alone! Whether it be scrolling through Instagram or tidying your house, anything is better than revision! However tidying around your workspace is actually a positive thing to do as a tidy space makes for a tidy mind.

Pre Exam

The night before an exam, sleep is essential! With all revision now done and in your head (hopefully) the only thing left to do is to ensure you get good nights sleep before an exam!

Post Exam

DON’T torture yourself with worry and doubt by coming out of an exam and asking others what they wrote for answer! It’s over now and it’s time to celebrate all your hard work with a very large glass of wine!

From all of us at X1, we wish you a very good luck with your Exams!