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Cameron's Tinder Tales ❤️

As with any office environment, work colleagues chat about their weekend plans, holidays and any other basic conversations. The same applies at X1, however our team members view each other as friends rather than work colleagues, which explains this blog! 

 In particular our X1 Hunk Cameron loves nothing more than to provide the office with not only weekly, but real-time updates of his current tinder love affairs. It’s no surprise from Cam’s dashing looks that he is quite the catch, however it never seems to be that easy… 
 At X1, we thought it’s only fair for you to get an insight into the hilarious, embarrassing, toe curling stories and situations that Cam endures in his pursuit to find love. Therefore we will be providing you with snippets of his hilarious tales whilst searching for his Mrs. Right! 
 So sit back, relax and follow Cam on his tinder journey!
 Where to begin? I want to start by stating I do not take Tinder seriously and so my conversations and dates heavily reflect this. If my future wife is reading this and we met on 

Tinder, ignore the previous sentence. Some stories unfortunately are too risqué but hopefully the ones I have included do have some comedic value.


Chapter One (Keeping it in the family)

 So I was enjoying some down time one-day, speed swiping away when I came across a girl that on paper was my type. I immediately swipe right and of course, it’s a match. We start chatting away and find we have a couple of things in common, and she actually went to the same school as my brother. I asked if she knew of him, to which she admitted she did. I then proceeded to ask her out and pencil a date into my diary.

 Fast forward to the day of the date and naturally my emotions are a mix of excited/nervous. A few hours before the scheduled date time, I had to pick my brother up and give him a lift home. I told him that I was off on a date that night and told him it was actually with someone from his school. He then asked me who and so I revealed the name. This was met with 2 minutes of hysterical laughter. I obviously asked him what he found so funny, to which he lets me know that he had “done stuff” with her in the school changing rooms (he’s a classy bird). I laughed along but in the back of my mind I was a little disappointed. I mean, why would she do that to me?


Being the gentleman that I am I didn’t cancel the date and we still went for drinks. As she was chatting away on the date I completely zoned out as I was fixated on my brothers revelation.


As the date came to a close I walked her back to her car and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. We never spoke again.



Stay posted for more tinder tales… Or in Cam’s case, tinder fails!!!!