How to help your pet on Bonfire Night

Thu, 31 Oct 2019 X1 Back to blog

Keep your pets safe and calm on 5th November

As we are approaching Guy Fawkes night it’s an exciting time for us humans. An evening filled with toffee apples, sparklers and fabulous firework displays.

However, for our furry friends, this isn’t so pleasant and can be a super stressful time. In preparation for 5th November here are some tips to help our X1 pet pals:



  • If you have a dog, it’s helpful to take them on a long walk to tire them out before the evening.
  • Try to avoid making plans that involve leaving your pet alone during the night. If you do have to leave the house, it’s important not to get angry with your pet if you find they have been destructive or toileted after being left on its own.

Change surroundings

  • Build a den and use this as a safe area. If your dog has a crate, place a dark blanket over and pop their favourite toys and treats inside. If not, under a bed with some of your old clothes is ideal.
  • Provide extra bedding. It can help if they have somewhere to hide/burrow if they do get scared.

Block out triggers

  • Shut all doors and windows to prevent your pet from running off if spooked.
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed to block out bright lights.
  • Turn cages of small animals away from windows/gardens and out of direct view of the bright lights.

Top tricks

  • Stimulate your animal physically and mentally. Obstacle courses and treasure hunts are great for inside the home!
  • Putting on music can help settle pets. Put the volume a little higher than usual to try and drown out outside noise.
  • Head to your local pet shop where they will have anxiety vests, collars and plug ins that help reduce pet anxiety.
  • Check out more great tips from the RSPCA


We hope your pets are safe, calm and as happy as possible this Bonfire Night!