Salford Roll of Honour

Tue, 25 Jul 2017 X1 Back to blog

Welcoming home the Salford Roll of Honour

In 2012, X1 Developments purchased the historic Salford Town Hall building. X1 Developments then transformed this iconic, architectural masterpiece into luxury apartments, which boast fantastic character throughout all apartments.

As this building was originally Salford Town Hall, it held historic monuments such as The Roll of Honour. The Roll of Honour was a memorial in memory of the employees of the Salford Corporation who at the call of duty came forward and lost their lives while serving their King and country.

The Roll of Honour Memorial was originally located in the Town Hall, where it stayed for nearly a century until X1 Developments bought the building and then it was moved to Salford Museum & Art Gallery. However in April 2017, The Roll of Honour was restored to its original location through a partnership with X1 [Developments] and Salford City Council.

To mark the occasion, here at X1 Lettings we decided to host an event at X1 Town Hall in celebration of the return of The Roll of Honour to it’s original location. The event was held on Monday 17th July, where we invited a full guest list to join in the celebrations including, War Memorials, Greater Manchester Police,  Salford City Council and tenants.

It was also an exciting opportunity for X1 to open it’s doors to show our local Council and citizens of the hard work our Developments Company has done along with our Architects to restore and transform the building into high-end luxury apartments.

We were thrilled to have received great feedback from everyone who attended the event in regards to the character and charm that still remains within X1 Town Hall!

In order to arrange to view the memorial, please contact who will be happy to meet any interested parties and accompany them on the viewings.