Tanya Bardo Boutique

Mon, 22 May 2017 X1 Back to blog

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life

You may be familiar with the Real Housewives franchise, which mainly consists of splashing the cash, ladies lunches and extravagant parties. Well since the Real Housewives of Cheshire is now the latest spin off and first UK version, X1 Lettings just had to get involved with the cast!


If any of you are guilty of watching this show you will know that Tanya Bardsley is well known for her hilarious remarks, brash honestly and a firm believer of positivity. She is a mother, wife, TV icon and now businesswomen with her new exciting venture ‘Tanya Bardo Boutique’.


Tanya who is a trained life coach wanted to convert her knowledge into opening a boutique where customers can purchase all things positivity, making you feel you can take on the world!


Lucky for us at X1, we got to visit the boutique and chat to Tanya’s trusted team who gave us an insight into how the power of positivity really has taken Cheshire by storm! And it really has, just after 2 weeks of opening the boutique had to close to restock as ALL products had been completely sold out- now that’s impressive!


We experienced all things positivity from the tranquil interiors and atmospheres to spraying Tanya’s famous positivity spray; we really did get the full experience in the boutique!


Tanya is always popping into the boutique in-between filming, along with other celebrities and her Cheshire housewives co-stars, making it a ‘celeb spotting hotspot!’


If you haven’t visited yet, take a trip to Cheshire, soak up on positivity and you never know who you may bump into!