Top Tips for Salford Student Accommodation

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 X1 Back to blog

Laura's Top Tips for Salford Student Accommodation

I’ve been managing one of our busiest student accommodation sites in Salford for 3 years and wanted to share some of the things I’ve found to be most important to our student residents here in Salford!


  1. Make sure you’re living close to Salford University

The last thing you want to be doing is paying extra in taxi fares or missing those oh-so-important lectures because you can’t quite commit to the morning commute! When choosing your student house, you should keep proximity to the Salford University campus in mind!


  1. Does your site have a gym?

Whilst this may not be a make or break factor when deciding where to live, it’s really important to keep in mind. Remember the saying “look after the pennies….” You could save money on a gym membership by using the on – site gym facilities your student accommodation in Salford has!


  1. How is my maintenance fixed?

The last thing you need whilst concentrating on your studies, is having to speak with your landlord to resolve maintenance issues, resulting in you living in a student apartment which leaves a little to be desired! Whilst this may not seem something to consider in the first instance, it could become quite troublesome as you go through your stay. Make sure that whoever is in charge of your student house has an efficient maintenance-reporting tool where you can speak directly with your landlord!


  1. I’m new to Salford, how will I get to know the area?

Starting University is an exciting time. You’re going to be thrown out of your usual routine, find yourself making lots of new friends all whilst having to get to know the City of Salford, Manchester and surrounding areas! Whilst this may seem scary, choosing an accommodation site which has regular social events and encourages you to mix with other residents in your student halls is really important. Make sure you ask what social activities and groups your halls provide!


  1. Is my student hall accredited?

By being part of an accredited student accommodation site, your landlord is showing their commitment to making sure your student house meets a required standard and follows important guidelines – helping you to avoid living in the dark ages! You can usually find their accrediations on their website but if you don’t know – just give them a call to find out!

Here at X1 Lettings, we recognize that moving to a new area can be daunting and that’s the last thing we want!

We keep in regular communication with our tenants and through speaking with them throughout their stay, we have been able to make sure our student accommodation sites in Salford are jumping through hoops!

If you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed about finding your next student house, I’d be happy to talk you through a few points to help you feel at ease!

Whether you are looking for a four, five or six bedroom flat here in Salford or you’d prefer living alone in one of our brand new studio apartments, we have a range of apartments available to choose from!

Both of our sites – X1 Chapel Street and X1 The Campus – benefit from onsite gyms, come fully furnished and host regular social activities, events and free onsite breakfast!


You can check out X1 Chapel Street or find out more about our brand new studio apartments at X1 The Campus or feel free to give me a call 0161 669 7070 to chat through them!