X1 Boat Race

Thu, 14 Jun 2018 X1 Back to blog

Chester Dragon Boat Race

Sunday 10th June marked our annual participation in the Chester Dragon Boat Race along the River Dee!

We started taking part in the Dragon Boat Race three years ago as quite a small X1 team. Year on year our X1 team gets bigger and bigger which means more competition between teams! This year our X1 Team filled two dragon boats and went head to head with each other to win that victorious title!

It’s no surprise that our two X1 teams took the competitiveness to a whole new level for our third time back on the River Dee and of course there can only be one winner!

Usain Bolt vs Barracuda

And the winner…

It was a victorious day for Eve our Head of Marketing and her team Usain Bolt who won a huge victory over Lorna our Manchester Branch Manager’s team wiping that smile off their faces- there’s always next year guys!

Above all, it was a brilliant day, the sun shone and our X1 Team had a brilliant day raising awareness and money for our chosen charity Cancer Research UK which is very dear to our hearts here at X1 Lettings.

We would like to thank everybody who took contributed to Cancer Research UK and supported X1!


Bring on next year!