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Thu, 16 Apr 2020 X1 Back to blog

X1's Quarantine Cooks

You won’t be the only one to notice that lockdown has turned everyone into quarantine cooks!

Alongside a way to temporarily tackle boredom, our social media feeds are filled with culinary delights and in particular the banana bread frenzy at the moment!

With that in mind our team has decided to create an X1 Cookbook, compiling all of our go to recipes from quick and easy, vegan trends and of course the ultimate sweet treats.

Over the coming weeks, each team member will be taking it in turn to show off their baking delights (or fails for some…) to bring our tenants endless amounts of easy recipes with ingredients lying around in your kitchen. There may also be the odd cocktail thrown in there too…

To kick off our cookbook, Rhiannon, Amy & Jaimie have been whipping up their favourite meals so check them out!

If you have a favourite dish, snack, smoothie you love to make then please send it in to cienna@x1management.com