X1 Fire Safety Event

Thu, 11 Oct 2018 X1 Back to blog

Safety is Our Number One Priority!

On Wednesday, we hosted our first Fire Safety Event in partnership with Merseyside Fire Service.

It was a fantastic opportunity to have Merseyside Fire Service giving our X1 tenants a presentation on fire preventions, precautions and what to do in the case of a fire.

For X1, we wanted to give our tenants this opportunity to come along and understand exactly how to prevent and what to do in a fire, as their safety to us is paramount.

For those who where unable to attend, here are X1’s Top Tips taken from our talk:

1. Smoking is the biggest cause of accidental fires. DO NOT put your cigarette out and put it in a bin bag. ALWAYS put it in water to ensure it is fully out.

2. Second biggest cause of fires is candles/burners and incense sticks. NEVER leave a candle on an uneven surface or near material, which can catch fire. ALWAYS put on an even surface away from any material, which can blow onto the flame. REMEMBER to always blow out the candle/incense stick and leave in water to cool before disposing.

3. NEVER overload your sockets. Overloading sockets can lead to the socket overheating and resulting into a fire. If you need an extension lead ALWAYS use a strip extension.

4. NEVER leave fat or oil in your pans. This can catch fire so easily and spiral out of control in minutes. ALWAYS clean your pans before and after use.

5. DO NOT leave your phone on charge overnight. Leaving your phone on charge can lead to sockets, chargers and phone batteries overheating which causes burning, resulting in a fire.

6. Finally ALWAYS follow your own X1 Evacuation Policy which is located either on the back of your door or in your communal living room notice board

A big thank you to Merseyside Fire Service for taking the time to come and talk to our X1 tenants!

If you have any questions regarding fire safety please do not hesitate to come into our office for a chat ☺