X1 Sky Dive

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 X1 Back to blog

The X1 Flyers!

If you ever thought you had that Sunday blues feeling… think again! Our team of Sky Dives definitely anticipated their Monday morning Sky Diving wake up call!

Feeling a little nervous to say the least… Harry, Jaimie, Chris, Sarah and Amy (very bravely) rose to the challenge and completed our charity sky dive, all landing with beaming smiles on their faces!


What’s even better is the fact we raised over £2,600 for our chosen charity Lymphoma Action!!!!

On behalf of the whole X1 Team, we are overwhelmed with the amount we have raised and would like to express our thanks, once again for your contributions and support.

Huge thanks go to the team at Black Knight Parachute Centre for looking after us on the day!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy watching our X1 Flyers do their thing!