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Thu, 1 Feb 2018 X1 Back to blog

Official Launch of our Breakfast & Running Club!

X1 Running Club

New year, new me?

It’s time to get active with the help of X1!

Our X1 Running Club is a fantastic way to make new friends, get some fresh air from studying and getting fit at the same time! Each week we will mix up our routes gradually extending the miles, as we get fitter! Our Running Club is a team effort; it is more of a social fun club so if you are a little nervous, there is nothing to worry about we cater for all abilities.

If your feeling tempted but need an extra bit of encouragement, we are giving away free X1 Hoodies to all our Running Club members!!

Our Running Club is throughout both Liverpool & Manchester so nobody will ever be left out!!


Here is the weekly schedule:

Liverpool– Tuesday 6:15pm- Student Village

Manchester– Tuesday 6:15pm- X1 Manchester Office



X1 Breakfast Club

What’s the most important meal of the day? Breakfast! And what do all students miss? Breakfast!

We know how rushed mornings can be, racing to get to your morning lectures on time! Therefore we have created a ‘Grab & Go’ service, which means you can get a hot drink and breakfast delight, as you leave your X1 property! Now there really is no excuse to be hungry in your mid morning lectures!

Of course, we wouldn’t be offering this to our tenants unless it was completely COMPLIMENTARY!!!! So pop over to our X1 Breakfast Club on your way out to University and grab a snack and a hot chocolate before you start your day!


Here is the weekly schedule:

Mondays- X1 The Edge- 10:15am

Tuesdays- X1 Liverpool One- 10:15am

Wednesdays- X1 Chapel Street- 10:15am

Fridays- X1 The Studios- 10:15am