X1’s Freshers’ Week Survival Tips

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 X1 Back to blog

The Ultimate Guide of Survival

With tips from our team!

Our X1 team have pulled together all their memories and experiences with freshers’ to give you the ultimate guide of survival.


Sign up to clubs and societies

Visit the Uni’s freshers’ fairs! As important as it is to study and spend countless night times stuck in the library, it’s equally important for you to socialize and make new friends. One of the best ways to do this is to sign up to clubs and societies, which you may have a particular interest or hobby in. This will give you the perfect balance between work and play and stop you feeling like all you are doing is work!

For an added bonus, the freshers’ fairs hand out a lot of free goodies so feel free to fill your boots with pens, notepads, dominos vouchers and any other things they throw your way!

Get on the student discount train

Being a student comes with great perks… DISCOUNTS. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start applying for your student discounting cards- UNiDAYS. For an added bonus, most shops accept student discount by just showing your Uni student ID, so next time you hit the shops, bring it along with you.


Of course, if you’re an X1 tenants don’t forget to make the most of our X1 in the City loyalty card for exclusive discounts and perks that no ordinary student can get!

Don't burn yourself out

There are SO many Freshers’ options available to you that you may get bombarded with different events and parties. Although this sounds a nice problem to have and your social schedule is fully booked with parties, it may be a nice idea to get your entire flat together and a more chilled takeaway night so you can really start to get to know your flatmates.

Top tip… avoid the famous Freshers’ flu with plenty of Vitamin C!

Fight the homesickness

You are still settling into your new surroundings and it takes time so don’t worry if you’re missing home, family or friends. As tempted, as you may be to stay in your room and not socialize with your new flatmates/uni friends, this will only make you feel lonelier.

If you don’t fancy getting your glad rags on, why not have a movie night in your flat with lots of goodies and a couple of bottles of wine. I am pretty sure this will make you feel a little better!


Most importantly… know your limits

Starting Uni is an exciting time for all students, experiencing freedom and not being told what to do by parents. As with all over excited students, this normally leads to wild drunken nights and waking up saying ‘oh no did that happen…’

Of course, this is a sign of a great night full of laughs and dancing. However if you don’t know your limits and you end up taking it to the next level and getting that drunk, you take your clothes off, pass out and wake up covered in sick… this will haunt you forever, so don’t overdo it!

Above all please remember, if you are going to do the walk of shame… hold your head up high and DO THE STRIDE OF PRIDE INSTEAD. IT IS FRESHERS AFTER ALL!